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Success Stories

We have been using Show Progress for a couple of years now and as a school have found it to be an outstanding way of tracking progress in areas that before we were unable to track. For example, we are able to track the progress our students make towards life skills such as accessing the community, cooking, and managing their own health. We can also show progress in areas such as social skills and communication and interaction. Many of our students make excellent progress in these areas, but until we found Show Progress this was not recorded or celebrated in the way that we are able to now. Show Progress is user friendly and creates simple reports that are easy for parents and carers to understand.

Fiona Moody, Head of School, Fosse Way School

Show Progress has given us the professional freedom to decide what targets are needed to enable our pupils to achieve their longer term EHCP and academic outcomes. It provides our teachers with a quick and efficient way to upload evidence of progress. As the assessment lead here at Linden Bridge, Show Progress provides reassurance that teachers are carrying out high quality formative assessment. It has enabled teachers to plan what success looks like for each target with the chosen intervention. It really supports our Annual Review process alongside the graph function that quickly shows everyone what targets a pupil has achieved.

Marie O'Rourke, Deputy Head, Linden Bridge School

Features and Benefits

A complete online assessment tool for the AET Autism Progression Framework 2.0

New, Revised Materials

The AET Autism Progression Framework is one of the Autism Education Trust's most popular resources. It has been developed for the AET by Autism Associates based on extensive consultation with staff, parents, and young autistic people, and version 2.0 has been fully updated in 2019.

The AET Autism Progression Framework 2.0 supports you to identify learning priorities, set learning intentions, and track progress for children and young people on the autistic spectrum.

Powered by Show Progress

The AET Autism Progression Framework 2.0 powered by  Show Progress provides a convenient online alternative for progress tracking in all eight of the framework's areas of learning:

Communication and Interaction; Social Understanding and Relationships; Sensory Processing; Interests, Routines, and Processing; Emotional Understanding and Self-awareness; Learning and Engagement; Healthy Living; Independence and Community Participation.

Evidence Gathering

Show Progress enables you to conveniently gather evidence for each learning intention that you set for an individual. You can add your own photographs, witness statements, or other evidence to support your judgements.

The evidence that you gather is permanently stored according to date and time, and organised into academic years and terms, so that you can quickly begin to demonstrate development over time. You can easily look back over any number of academic years to view each individual's previous learning and identify the next learning priorities.


Show Progress is designed to be flexible, with multiple options for customisation. The default AET Autism Progression Framework 2.0 progress scale (Not Yet Developed, Developing, Established, Generalised) is built-in by default, but you can customise it to suit your needs (for example, adding new levels, changing labels).

In addition to the built-in AET Autism Progression Framework 2.0 learning areas, there is also an option to add your own. This enables you to supplement the 'bank' of learning intentions, so that you can also use Show Progress to track other areas of your curriculum (for example, work experience, academic topics).

Reports and Graphs

Built-in reports and graphs enable you to gain an overview of progress for each individual, and print details to share with parents and other professionals.

The reports and graphs that Show Progress provides, in conjunction with the learning intentions that you set and the evidence that you gather, can greatly simplify the process of generating documentation that you need to provide (for example, personal learning plans, Education Health and Care Plans (EHCPs), annual reviews).

Secure Online Access

Show Progress is based on cutting-edge cloud-based technology. Show Progress is secure, reliable, and responsive.

Access is available from any compatible web-browser on PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Your progress data and evidence for multiple individuals is stored conveniently in one location, so you can be certain that you are always accessing the current data, with no risk of loss or duplicate files.

Simple and Affordable Pricing

Yearly subscriptions for as little as £12 per pupil (excl. VAT), or choose the multi-pupil pack for 10% discount.
Individual pupils
each per year (excl. VAT)
  • Up to 9 single pupil subscriptions
  • Includes 5GB storage per pupil
Multi-pupil pack
each per year (excl. VAT)
  • 10 pupils per pack
  • Includes 5GB storage per pupil
  • 10% discount
Large school pack
each per year (excl. VAT)
  • 150 pupils per pack
  • Includes 5GB storage per pupil
  • Includes MIS integration
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Prices shown solely reflect the cost of access to Show Progress. No cost is added for the AET Autism Progression Framework, which is a free resource, provided by the Autism Education Trust.


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